Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Legitimate Sites

Ok you know what you have to do and how these sites work now all that's left is actually doing it.

Their are heaps of sites that brag free stuff out their but keep in mind some many are scams, I have tested and researched into theses sites and found that the top 6 are (click on them for their full review):

1. V-Bux Network - Probably the best and most reliable freebie site around
2. Xpango - The best interface and the most gifts to choose from
3. Toys4Free - A good, reliable, fast paying freebie site
4. FreeiPodTouchOffer - Another reliable site for free iPods and Cash via PayPall
5. BonusGreen - A freebie site just for receiving cash (via PayPal or Check)
6. Somethin4Nothin - Yet another awesome freebie site offering all sorts of frees stuff

Of the hundreds of Freebie sites their are these are the best 6, all of them are completely reliable (some have sent over $1 million of free gifts!) and once you've done you offer and referral you'll will receive your gift normally within 7 days (overnight if its cash via PayPal!)

Each of the sites require you to complete an offer and refer a few friends, depending on you chosen gifts will depend on the number of referrals required
e.g. $40 cash is 3 referrals whereas $400 is 5 referrals (on somethin4nothin)
The offers vary some are much easier than others and some cost you a few dollars and others are free. Its entirely up to you which offers to do but I always go for the free ones or ones that only cost you $1 - $10 (its totally worth it for $500!)

Click on the links above to read the reviews of each site. Then sign up and get going!
To speed up the process of getting you iPods, Cash, iPhones, Tv's etc read scroll down and read my Tips & Tricks Page or read it HERE
Checkout my Payments Proof post for pictures of stuff people have received HERE


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